Hoop Jam - The Big Feastival Canada - 18th - 20th August 2017

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Hoop Jam

Hoopersonic’s Hoop Jam is fun for the whole family! Here we’ll get sweaty and have fun with instructor Amy MacCutchan as she teaches us the fundamentals of on and off body hula hoop dance all while having a laugh!

Hoop Jams will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30AM-1:00PM and 4:30PM-7:00PM so pop by anytime to give it a try!

Focusing on dance-based hula hoop fitness, Hoopersonic encourages people of all ages to get in a hoop and give it a spin. From waist hooping to hand hooping, tricks and tosses, one hoop or ten, Hoopersonic will leave  you spinning with excitement!