Danny Smiles - The Big Feastival Canada - 18th - 20th August 2017

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Danny Smiles

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Danny’s kitchen career began in the dish pit at his parent's small hotel in Montreal. He toiled for many nights washing dishes, until the sadly fateful evening when the cook who held the garde-manger position lost his thumb. Despite the misfortune of the cook, he found himself in a new position where he quickly developed a natural love for working the line. One night on that line and there was no turning back.  

After completing his studies at St Pius X culinary institute in Montreal, Danny set off for Italy, a remarkable culinary country to which he owes part of his genealogical root. Here, Danny interned for Michelin Star chefs in Brescia and Soverato, and was further inspired to follow his passion. Danny was inspired to learn as much as possible, and returned to Montreal to begin forming his own creative and professional perspective. 

Danny has been working with Chef Chuck Hughes as Chef de Cuisine at Restaurant Le Bremner since November 2011. Danny has always been excited to work with fish and seafood and here he pushes his creative limits with diverse ethnic influences, ranging from Asian to his own Italian and Egyptian heritage.

Having grown up in, and now working as a chef in Montreal, Danny is firmly rooted in Quebec and feels a deep commitment to keep every dish as fresh, as local, and as honest as possible.