Amberwood - The Big Feastival Canada - 18th - 20th August 2017

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Waterloo-based alternative-rock band, Amberwood, has dedicated their lives to doing everything in their power to stand at the front of the music scene. In March of 2012, fresh out of high school and straying from a traditional path, childhood friends Oli Duguay (vocals, rhythm guitar), Cam Weber (lead guitar), Wes Martin (drums) and Colin Briscoe (bass) decided that music was the career choice they all wanted to pursue. More importantly, they wanted to pursue it together. Thus, Amberwood was formed. Over the past 4 years they have worked diligently alongside knowledgeable industry people in and out of the studio, while relentlessly touring around some of the best venues Ontario, and the rest of Canada has to offer.

The tight-knit combination of memorable musicianship, unmatchable stage presence and genuine bond, makes for the epitome of an enjoyable alternative rock show. Whether they are playing a smaller club, or taking the stage at a powerhouse venue like Toronto’s Mod Club, the entire ambiance and camaraderie between the crowd and the band makes their performances much more enjoyable and personal, solidifying that live music should always be about establishing a sense of connection. 

Since the 2014 release of their sophomore EP "Now & Then", Amberwood started off the New Year with the unveiling of their new high-energy single “Rollerskate King". With their sights set on releasing a follow-up EP late in 2016, the band released their new single "Lovers" in June. “Lovers” is an ode to dark romanticism and the ever-so-relatable topics of love and loss, grounded with some of their best instrumentals yet. Filled with infectious riffs, bright bass lines and memorable lyrics, “Lovers” is sure to make an impact this summer. 

The boys of Amberwood have proudly stuck to their tasteful rock roots, while demonstrating that we can all expect an enjoyably fresh sound to come in the year ahead.