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Come on over and we'll settle it right, put your dukes up 'cause I'm ready to fight... for you. – “Dukes” from All Lit Up 

This St. John's, NL four-piece has been doggedly fighting to carve a place for themselves in the music world for the last few years. Initially started by Warren, Repartee became fully formed in 2012 with the additions of Robbie Brett (guitars), Nick Coultas-Clarke (drums) and Josh Banfield (keys). 

Having criss-crossed Canada multiple times in recent years, Repartee have shared stages with the likes of Tegan And Sara, Lights, Dragonette and Mother Mother and the band's efforts haven't gone unnoticed. In 2012, they won five MusicNL Awards and in 2013 they were nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Rising Star. 

 Painstakingly crafted through multiple recording sessions in 2014-15, Repartee worked with a number of notable producers to create All Lit Up, the band's debut Sleepless Records album. 

Adam King (Jill Barber, Good Lovelies) worked on "All Lit Up" and "Carelessly, Carelessly" at Canterbury studios, Matt DeMatteo (Hey Rosetta!, Danko Jones, Hawksley Workman) helmed four tracks — "Die B4 U," "Electric Every Day," "Nice Girls" and "Fall Apart" — at Graduate Studies, Alex Bonenfant and Howard Redekopp (Tegan And Sara, New Pornographers) did "Miracle" at Dreamhouse, and Young Wolf Hatchlings (Fall Out Boy, Thomas D'Arcy) worked on "Dukes," also at Dreamhouse. 

The fighting spirit displayed on "Dukes" and throughout All Lit Up is no accident. Shining a light to combat the darkness is very much a theme that runs through the record and its title track. 

"'All Lit Up” is about basically being there for somebody when they’re going through a hard time," says Warren. "There was a specific catalyst. I basically wrote it about my partner. There’s a line in the song, 'like a beacon I'll be all lit up, you can follow me out of the dark.' So there's definitely a visual connotation of lightness and darkness."

Repartee’s debut album, All Lit Up, is now available through Sleepless Records.